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Ông Trời có đức xót thương

Gần đây, đọc/nghe lời giảng giải của vị truyền nhân của Thánh Phê-rô thường là niềm an ủi cho kẻ tội tình là tôi. Lời giảng Chúa Nhật vừa rồi không ngoại lệ:
But the mercy of Jesus is not just sentiment: indeed it is a force that gives life, that raises man up! [This Sunday]’s Gospel tells us this as well, in the episode of the widow of Nain (Luke 7:11-17). Jesus, with his disciples, is just arrived in Nain, a village in Galilee, at the very moment in which a funeral is taking place. a boy is buried, the only son of a widow. Jesus’ gaze immediately fixes itself on the weeping mother. The evangelist Luke says: “Seeing her, the Lord was moved with great compassion for her (v. 13).” This “compassion” is the love of God for man, it is mercy, i.e. the attitude of God in contact with human misery, with our poverty, our suffering, our anguish. The biblical term “compassion” recalls the maternal viscera: a mother, in fact, experiences a reaction all her own, to the pain of her children. In this way does God love us, the Scripture says.

And what is the fruit of this love? It is life! Jesus said to the widow of Nain, “Do not weep,” and then called the dead boy and awoke him as from a sleep (cf. vv. 13-15). The mercy of God gives life to man, it raises him from the dead. The Lord is always watching us with mercy, [always] awaits us with mercy. Let us be not afraid to approach him! He has a merciful heart! If we show our inner wounds, our sins, He always forgives us. He is pure mercy! Let us never forget this: He is pure mercy! Let us go to Jesus!
Ông Trời có đức xót thương, và lòng thương xót ấy đem cái chết trở về với sự sống. Trên đoạn đường hiện thời, xin Thánh Linh ban cho nguồn ân sủng trí khôn, hiểu biết, biết kính sợ Ngài, kẻo kẻ yếu lòng là tôi lại hại mình, và hại người. Amen.

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