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Does calling others stupid imply one’s superior intelligence?

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon (and subscribed to) Friar Rick Riccioli’s blog, but this is at least the third time that I find his comments alarming. The first time was when he called Cardinal Bertone stupid and ignorant. The second time was when he called the the whole Catholic Church stupid (I quote: “I mean are we as an institution that stupid?”).

In today’s blog entry, Friar Rick accuses Fr. Raymond de Souza of “[intending] to sound smarter than [he is]”. I don’t agree with the good friar’s view that we have to avoid controversial words just because they are “politically sensitive”. Now, I don’t know anything about Father de Souza but I have to assume in the father’s good intention with the use of such a word as “niggardly”. My assumption may very well prove to be incorrect, but to err on the side of charity is probably a good thing. Fr. de Souza might be intent on reclaiming a perfectly good word that some people in history had made bad, rather than merely “intent on drawing attention to himself” as the friar said. To compromise on truth, just because it may be hard for the listener to hear, doesn’t seem to me like a Christian thing to do.

Does calling other people stupid imply that we think we are more intelligent than them? If it does, then so help me Lord, I, myself ever a stupid and ignorant person, should be mindful not call another person stupid ever again.

Unfortunately, Friar Rick’s blog is not open for comments so I’m unable to get further insights into why he often puts down his fellow brothers-in-faith. I refuse to believe that he is so arrogant as not to care what others think about what he puts into words.

I haven’t found Friar Rick’s blog particular helpful to the discernments of my soul, and sometimes I find his uncharitable words insulting to my catholic faith as I struggle daily with the challenge of faithful obedience to the Church. But how could this be, that I find his words insulting, something almost akin to a violation of the 8th Commandment itself, no less? For, surely, being a priest, he is a much more pious man than I could hope to be. So for now, I will simply unsubscribe from his blog in my RSS Reader.

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